Jesus: The Ultimate Doorbuster

by gary-foote on November 24, 2010

Next to Easter, the holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love gathering together with family for Thanksgiving dinner, preparing my home during Advent to celebrate the joys of Christmas, and going to Mass on Christmas Eve to rejoice in the birth of our Lord and think about how wonderful it will be when He returns in His glory!

As the marketing of Christmas seems to get a little earlier every year, it has become a challenge for me to wait and find peace in not “jumping the gun” in decorating for Christmas. The majority of the boxes in my garage are all Christmas related items, so I am constantly reminded (and childishly excited) about putting everything up. I don’t decorate out of competiveness, but I do have to say that I enjoy having all of the neighborhood kids coming by and telling me that my house is their favorite to look at. Friends have told me that I need to be careful because planes might mistake my house for a landing strip because of all the lights. I think I’ve finally mastered the art of exteriorly decorating my house so that it is not gaudy but festive. My favorite “decoration” is a nativity scene that I put up that has 3 feet figures of Jesus, Mary, the three wise men, and a life size figure of Jesus. I put a few animals in there too. Sometimes I find little kids coming up to the nativity and asking their parents who the people are. I love hearing parents tell the story of Christmas to children who may have never heard it before.

Like most years, this year I’ve had to fight the urge to start my Advent prematurely. I’m proud to say that it is the night before Thanksgiving, and I haven’t brought out one Christmassy item. However, something happened this afternoon that shook me a little bit. I had to take a trip to the electronics store to get a part for my car. As I arrived, there were four tents setup outside and three beach chairs. Now being a veteran Black Friday shopper, I know how to spot my own kind. Let’s face it: Black Friday can be a great day to get some things for family and for ministry at huge discounts. Although this is true, I was surprised to see people in line so early for a good deal. There was a large commitment on the part of these people. The electronic store is not open tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day) and would not open until 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning. I was at the store at 1:00 p.m. so these people were camping out at least 40 hours before the store opened again. What would they eat? Will the guys in the lounge chairs freeze? How will they use the bathroom? Were they prepared for the commitment they had made? I didn’t feel the liberty to sneak inside the tents to see if they were deluxe models with self contained kitchens and bathrooms, but maybe they were. Amidst all of these practical thoughts, concerns, and wonders that I had a spiritual question came to mind: Would they be able to find time for Jesus this Advent? This is the question that struck me the hardest.

Every year when I get my house ready for Advent and Christmas, I try to be mindful of why I am doing all of this, namely, Jesus Christ. As the saying goes, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season. “ As I looked at the tents this afternoon and thought about the dedication made by the people who were waiting for a great deal, I had to ask myself about my own dedication to the greatest deal of all: Free Salvation.

At the beginning of this Advent, I hope that I can follow through with being properly prepared for the long haul of Advent. Like the Black Friday campers, there may be times of discomfort and wonder of how everything will work out. But I need to be able to take comfort in knowing that in the end that everything will be worth it. I guess in reality, Jesus is the ultimate “doorbuster,” breaking open the doors to Heaven offering us the opportunity for eternal life!


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