Looking for a Catholic Youth Speaker? Gary Foote Is Inspirational!

by admin on October 31, 2010

Gary Foote works with youth and youth ministers everyday and has the expertise and experience to help with any topic that needs to be voiced in a presentation. As he states in his website “I will personally speak with the coordinator of the event to ensure that the specific needs of the audience are met in my presentation. I will not offer a “cookie cutter” style presentation. My philosophy is, “specialized presentations for specific audiences.”” There are also lots of testimonials on Gary Foote’s web page there you will find the inspirational stories from past retreats,pilgrimages, and other presentations that Gary has done across America.  On his web page you will also find where you can request to book Gary Foote.  Visit www.gary-foote.com to access information on this excellent catholic youth speaker.


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