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by gary-foote on July 11, 2011

As a Catholic Youth Speaker, I must have said the following words a few thousand times: “God doesn’t love you for what you do, but for who you are.” No matter how many times I share that message with Catholic high school youth on retreat, with families, in youth ministry mentoring, or just in casual conversation there are always many people that are impacted by it. How can it not impact you? So many of us focus on what we do rather than who we are that we forgot that God never created us with a title on our lives other than son or daughter. Over my years in Catholic youth ministry, I’ve come to terms with this truth, that I am not what I do, but rather I am God’s son. I think that I have a pretty good grip on that realty, but today a good friend of mine pointed out a new dimension about this truth.

God is who He is and not what He does. Wow! Let me say (or I guess type) that again. God is who He is and not what He does. I have to admit that I don’t always understand God’s plans. I am puzzled by how He chooses when to intervene in people’s lives vs. when He allows the path they are on to stay the course. Often when people (including me) struggle with life they will ask the question, “God where are you?” or “God do you really exist because I haven’t seen you act in the mess that it is my life right now?” These are questions from the depths of our beings and are valid questions, but I think we have to ask ourselves a different question rather than asking God these questions first. That question is, “Am I putting my trust, belief, and value in who God is or what He does?” Too many times I think it’s the latter. When we put our understanding of who God is based on what He does or does not do, we can lead ourselves into a faith crisis. But when we continually remind ourselves that God is God no matter what He chooses to do or not do, then we can appreciate and love Him for who He is and grow more in our relationship with Him no matter what the circumstances are. My prayer for us all, my friends, is that we can come to know God for who He is and allow His magnificence to overwhelm us, convert our hearts, change our lives, and help us to grow more deeply in love with Him each day of our lives no matter what we may have to face. Remember, God is, not God does.

In Christ,

Gary Foote



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