One Bad Apple

by gary-foote on May 24, 2012

One Bad Apple | Catholic Youth Speaker

Photo by andylangager courtesy of Flickr under Creative Commons License

Have you ever had a bad piece of fruit? I remember when I was a kid my Mom had packed me an apple for lunch and after a few bites I discover that I wasn’t the only one enjoying one of Granny’s Smith beauties. Slowly and slimily a worm started moving through the apple. I was surprised and disgusted all at the same time. I remember throwing out the apple and telling my Mom when I got home that I wanted to throw out the whole bunch of them. In her infinite wisdom, she knew better that I had been the unfortunate one to just bite into the one bad apple.

After working for 14 years in Catholic youth ministry as a youth minister, Catholic youth speaker, and retreat leader, I’ve unfortunately had more than my fair share of “bad apples.” Sometimes my knee jerk reaction can be to just give up, thinking that the Church has just been infested with worms and bad apples. But just like the wisdom of my mom so many years ago, I am continually reminded by the Saints, holy men and women of today, and Jesus Himself that the Church is holy! One worm, one bad apple, one misguided priest, one unorthodox youth minister, one ill-informed DRE doesn’t mean that the whole Church should be thrown out! What it does mean though is that we must always be on guard and on the look out to make sure that we don’t take a foul bite. We must discard the bad, embrace the good, and remember what God’s original intention is for His Church.

Remember, sin entered into the world with one bad apple, but creation has been redeemed and made beautiful again through the salvation that Jesus Christ offers.


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