Happy Birthday 2012

by gary-foote on June 2, 2012

This week we celebrate the birthday of the Church, Pentecost. I love the tradition that we hold as Catholics that the Holy Spirit has come to rest upon the Church fifty days after the greatest miracle in all history, the Resurrection. Often times it is said about birthdays, “One year older, one year wiser.” As we grow older most of us (hopefully) do grow wiser gleaning knowledge from each year of experience. This is one area though that we greatly differ from the Church.

Descent of the Holy Spirit | Catholic Youth Speaker 
Photo Courtesy to Deacon Charles Joiner

The Church was founded by Jesus and is protected by the Holy Spirit. It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to improve upon what God has setup and revealed. There is no such thing as “the Church growing wiser in age.” Sure, some of our practices might be adapted to work out better like how we organize and train our altar servers, but the truths of our Church stay the same. It can be very tempting to want to see changes for “progress,” but we have to always be realistic and as a Catholic youth speaker I would like to ask this question, “Are we really wiser than Jesus?” When you look at that question, it seems a bit ridiculous to think that our ways and decisions are better than God’s.

As we continue to move forward in years chronologically, it is so important to look backwards to what it is that God has always intended for His Church. When we do that, we truly become more wise, surrendering to God’s ways and not our own.


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