Inspiration vs. Information

by gary-foote on January 30, 2012

I was recently listening to a talk where the presenter mentioned the importance of acknowledging the difference between inspiration and information. The ironic thing about this talk was that it was one of the most uninspiring talks that I’ve ever heard! I’m not saying that the talk was bad, but it just wasn’t inspiring. The speaker had a nice presence, tone, etc. but inspiration was definitely lacking. To be honest, other than that one phrase “inspiration vs. information” I don’t remember any other points of the talk and I just heard it yesterday!

But for me, that one phrase was enough to get me thinking. When I speak as a Catholic youth speaker or Catholic Retreat leader do I inspire or just inform? Heck, forget about when I’m presenting “professionally.” The bigger question, “Is my life inspiring or just informative?” When I meet people will they look forward to the next time our paths cross because they feel motivated, energized, and excited when they are around me? Will what I say and more importantly the witness of my life inspire someone enough to want to make real and lasting changes or could they just as well tune me out after a moment or two like a bad commercial? Although life gives us many opportunities to do something different and new (which I am so grateful for), one thing that we only get one shot at is our first impression. For me, that means that I need to continually remember to be my best self because he’s the guy that has the chance to inspire someone and we can all use a little of that each day. You don’t have to look too far for information, but INSPIRATION, now that’s a rarer gift that people desire and deserve!


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