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Day 6 – To Jesus

by gary-foote on March 10, 2014

“whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” – Matthew 25:40b

I find it easy to write a check or put money in a basket for a good cause. My family and I have sponsored kids in third-world countries through Compassion International, where we share letters, pictures, and experiences with one another, as well as provide money for the kids we sponsor. My wife and I have given our time to work as missionaries, leaving everything behind to serve unknown people in unknown places. We help out at car washes for victims of cancer and donate toys for the children of wounded warriors. Although these causes are needed and have benefited others in the name of Jesus, the scripture passage above uses some very interesting words: “these least brothers of mine.”

Sometimes I find it harder to minister and support those that are close to me than those that are unknown. Yet, Jesus uniquely challenges us to assist not only those who are strangers, but those who are close to us, our brothers. During this season of Lent who are the people that you are surrounded with in your everyday life that are in desperate need of your help? Do you have a family member who has strayed away from their faith? Is there a co-worker who seems to be in a really rough patch of life? Are there kids at your school that are neglected and need a friend? Does your spouse need more support than you have been giving to him or her? There are so many “brothers” in our lives that need our attention in addition to those that we see on t.v. or hear in a charitable pitch at our churches. How can you serve Christ this Lent by serving your brothers?


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