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Lent Day 17 – Cornerstone

by gary-foote on March 21, 2014

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone – Psalm 118:22

 What is your faith based upon? Many people will identify their religion by the practices they observe. We have all heard during the season of Lent, “I cannot eat meet on Fridays during Lent because I’m Catholic.” Does not eating meat on Fridays during Lent really make us Catholic? What about receiving ashes on our heads on Ash Wednesday, taking palms home with us on Palm Sunday, or lighting votive candles as a sign of our prayer? These practices are all good and might encourage our spiritual growth, but do practices, doctrines, or dogmas really define who we are as Catholics?

The cornerstone of a masonry building is the first stone set which all other stones will be set in reference to.  The cornerstone determines the position of the entire structure because everything else is built upon and around it.

What is the cornerstone of your faith? As Catholics, we believe that our faith is built upon a person, Jesus Christ, and not a belief system. Our doctrines, dogmas, and practices must be set in reference to our cornerstone because He determines everything else that is built.

If we reject Jesus or forget that He is the foundation of all we do as His followers then our faith has no choice but to crumble and fall. Is Jesus truly your cornerstone? Is He always in the forefront of your mind? Have you built your life and your faith upon Him, or have you put your trust and belief in things that are good (practices, doctrines, and dogmas), but are not grounded? This Lent, may we all be able to get back to our foundation and remember that it is Jesus who is our cornerstone.


Gary Foote is a parish mission presenter, Catholic speaker, and retreat leader.


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