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Lent Day 8 – Something Greater

by gary-foote on March 12, 2014

…and there is something greater than Solomon here – Luke 11:31b

…and there is something greater than Jonah here – Luke 11:32b

Jesus truly is the master of disguise. The God of the universe comes to the earth the same way that you and I did, as a child within the womb of a mother. As if it wasn’t miraculous enough for our God to disguise Himself as a child, growing up fully human while not forfeiting being fully God, He transforms bread and wine into His body, blood, soul and divinity so that He can remain truly present with us. If we look for outspoken signs and wonders we may miss our God, but if we look to our present day life we may very well find here within our midst.

“Contemplate Jesus lying in His Crib, wrapped in the might of 
divine peace and redemptive suffering.  Mary, kneeling, enraptured, in 
ecstasy, watches over the Child, over the Eternal One.  She meditates on another Bethlehem, on quite another Crib, a crib of apparent repose, but of 
real and perpetual immolation, the Altar!

Looking ahead through the centuries to come, the loving Queen, the 
sorrowing Virgin contemplates this lasting Bethlehem, indestructible 
through the ages, where this same adorable Child will be born thousands of 
times upon the Altar.  She sees Him placed, like a mild prisoner, between the 
walls of a humble and silent Tabernacle.  Glancing down at her sleeping Child, she 
beholds the same Jesus—her God—humbled even more in each ciborium, than 
He is in the manger. The vision of Bethlehem has become reality.  On every altar 
Jesus-Host seems to sleep, and Mary still continues to guard this Eucharistic crib 
from which Jesus constantly watches over us.” (Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey)


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