Lent Day 32 – Division

by gary-foote on March 21, 2015

So a division occurred in the crowd because of him – John 7:43


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of high school youth about the existence of Jesus. It’s really somewhat of an odd topic if you think about it for a few moments. There is more historical evidence recorded in antiquity that Jesus lived 2000 years ago then there is for other historical figures like Julius Caesar and Napoleon. Yet, we do not question whether or not they existed.

C.S. Lewis both spoke and wrote on the “trilemma” of Jesus: He was either a lunatic, a liar, or Lord.

One thing is for certain: Division has occurred because of Jesus.

 As I spoke to the youth that Sunday afternoon, I asked the question, “Do you really want to know if Jesus existed?” Much of the crowd roared back with a loud, “YES!” As youthful enthusiasm filled the room, I asked a second question, “Why?” At that moment, the crowd died down. No one wanted to shout out a response.

 As I saw the excited energy quickly change to a more solemn atmosphere of trying to answer a difficult question, I began to share with the youth. I honestly don’t think that the majority of us wonder whether or not Jesus Christ walked the earth some 2000 years ago. That is pretty easy to prove from both religious and non-religious historical accounts. The question that burdens us, that burns within our hearts, that causes division is: Is Jesus the Lord?

We become terrified by that question. It’s easy and comforting to say, “Jesus didn’t exist.” If that is what we profess to be true, it gives us license to act any way that we want and to become our own god. But, when we acknowledge that Jesus did exist AND He is Lord, everything changes!

Jesus as Lord divides us. 
We have to choose to follow the will of the Father or our own will.
We have to choose to follow the explicit commandments of God
or our own wisdom.
We have to choose between embracing sin and selfishness
or embracing grace and service.

Jesus does not seek to divide us for division’s sake. No, we divide ourselves because we have to make the decision of whether to surrender to the truth of God or our own self-defined truth. Which will you choose?

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