Lent Day 39 – Joy

by gary-foote on March 28, 2015

I will turn their mourning into joy – Jeremiah 31:13


“Bring the JOY!”
Not too long ago I was at a conference where the keynote speaker uttered those words. I was taken back at first. What did it mean to “Bring the Joy?” As I looked around the room filled with 900 people, there was excitement as well as confusion. Deep down we all knew that we were better people when joy was present in our lives, but how do you “Bring the JOY?”

The truth is we live in a world that prefers the negative to the positive. Turn the television on to any news network and challenge yourself to find a positive story. It’s pretty difficult. Think for a few moments about how we identify common things in our day-to-day life. When we travel through an airport, we move from “terminal” to “terminal” rather than “new opportunity” to “new opportunity.” When we approach a traffic signal, we most commonly refer to it as a “Stop Light,” when only one of the 3 lights stops us and the other two allow us to go. As the great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar pointed out “most of us see two ends in every loaf of bread and never a beginning.”

But God calls us to more. He calls us to joy. God desires for us to allow Him to transform the mourning in our lives into joy. Joy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but it means that we allow God to be seen in everything and rejoice because of His goodness, even in the difficulties.
When we are radically open to God, He will turn our mourning into joy. Then it is our responsibility and privilege to bring this joy to everyone we meet.


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