My mission in life is simple:

“To make Christ real and present to everyone I meet through giving an authentic witness to the Gospel.”

I strive to accomplish my mission by allowing the Holy Spirit to work within me in any way He sees fit. I make every effort to encourage others through sharing prayer, experience, and wisdom. I continually seek out opportunities to laugh in community, listen with the intent of understanding, and respond to the needs of others by doing whatever love requires.

I’m a dedicated Catholic man with three great loves in my life: God, my family, and young people. My intimate relationship with God is based on the knowledge that there is no better TRUE story than that of our loving God who has gone to the deepest depths, even death, to prove His love for us. The greatest part of this story is that it is not just “a story,” but it is “our story.” You and I play key roles and are not just observers.

As a husband and father, I know that my first responsibility is to spread the gospel among the members of my family. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and two children who continually call me into a deeper holiness. I am also very fortunate to have been called to a life of service to God and His Church, specifically working with youth and youth ministers. Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege to travel the United States sharing the Gospel with thousands of teens, youth ministers, and families.

I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you soon so we can walk together – laughing, learning, and praying along the way – on our EPIC journey towards God and eternity.

In Christ,