How can I help you serve your youth better? With well over a decade of experience in youth ministry, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in the forefront of youth ministry in many capacities: Parish Youth Minister, High School Campus Minister, College Campus Minister, Youth Minister Mentor, Diocesan and Parish Youth Consultant, Diocesan and Parish Youth Speaker, and Pilgrimage Coordinator. I have also had the opportunity to lead over 300 High School and Junior High retreats! Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the services I offer so that I can help you spread the Gospel in a more effective way.

Youth Program Consultation

One of the challenges many youth ministry programs encounter is lack of a solid foundation. Committees and focus groups are regularly formed to discuss the needs of a parish’s youth program and more often than not the same conclusion is reached: We are not exactly sure what we need, but we know that what we have currently is not working. The goal of desiring youth to be radically transformed and devoted to their faith is both admirable and attainable, but the most vital question of “How” often goes unanswered. Youth Program Consultation offers concrete solutions for not only the question of how, but also who, what, when, and why. Consultation can take place at the very beginning of a youth ministry program’s inception and offer both pastors and search committees relevant questions and criteria for hiring a youth minister. Youth Ministry Consultation can also take place in parishes where youth programs have been already established but seem to have lost their effectiveness in reaching youth. Working together we will design a systematic approach (which includes a customized strategic plan) for a dynamic youth ministry that impacts young peoples’ lives.


Too many youth ministers face the daunting task of running a youth ministry program on their own. Every ministry within the Church has its own unique elements, especially youth ministry. Youth ministers are charged with tasks of developing the spirituality of adolescents, planning retreats, coordinating social events, balancing a budget, fundraising, organizing mission trips, promoting diocesan events, continually forming adult volunteers, providing a safe environment, attending parish meetings, studying youth culture, arranging liturgies, visiting schools, keeping constant communication, and connecting with youth and their families in appropriate ways. Many times youth ministers cannot relate well with co-workers because youth ministry differs so much from other ministries. Yet, Jesus sent out His disciples two-by-two to evangelize, showing us the need for companionship as the Gospel is proclaimed. Through Youth Ministry Mentoring, I offer to youth ministers companionship and understanding as well as expert direction based upon years of education and successful experience. A well-mentored minister leads to thriving and lasting ministry.

Volunteer Training

One of the most common complaints of youth ministers is that they have too much to do and not enough time. One of the most common complaints of parishioners is that they have volunteered their time but are not being utilized. With the proper tools and training, both of these complaints can be resolved or even avoided, leading to a much more efficient and joyful youth ministry. Volunteer Training addresses the various challenges that exist in operating a highly effective volunteer team. Gift and talent assessments are made leading to proper placement of each individual who would like to be involved with youth ministry. In addition to ministry placement, Volunteer Training offers the means necessary to meet the needs of your specific youth ministry program including: personal prayer development, lesson planning, small group leadership, teaching delivery, ice breaker planning, boundaries, team dynamics, and resolving discipline issues.


Diocesan and parish presentations have the potential of being life changing. But, the effectiveness of the presentation lies solely on the preparation and prayer of the presenter. As a presenter, I strive to always allow God to lead me in whatever direction He sees fit. I also understand that I need to take responsibility to appropriately prepare for each individual opportunity of evangelization. My presentations are high-energy, engaging, understandable, relatable, well thought out, audience tailored, and most importantly, God-centered. Prior to the event, I will personally speak with the coordinator of the event to ensure that the specific needs of the audience are met in my presentation. I will not offer a “cookie cutter” style presentation. My philosophy is, “specialized presentations for specific audiences.”

Pilgrimage Coordination

Coordinating a pilgrimage can be a daunting task. There are many steps that must be taken in order for a pilgrimage to be successful. Frequently, some of the most important steps must be taken while on the pilgrimage. Through Pilgrimage Coordination, I will work with the pilgrimage leader to ensure that the most well organized trip takes place with the least amount of difficulty. Unfortunately, unforeseen problems are part of almost ever pilgrimage. The solutions to the problems are what change a pilgrimage from a disaster into a great experience. I will not only guide the pilgrimage leader through the planning process, but I will attend the pilgrimage so that together we can offer a wonderful and worry-free opportunity of conversion for the youth pilgrims.


Retreats can be one of the greatest assets to a youth ministry program. Unfortunately, they can also become a huge hurdle to a youth’s spiritual growth and a point of great stress for a youth minister. My approach to assisting a parish with a youth retreat is very different from most retreat leaders because I focus on a retreat’s long-term success and not just the retreat itself. Too often wonderfully trained retreat leaders offer powerful retreats, but once the retreat leader leaves, the youth return to a mundane faith. I will train willing adults in your parish and give them the opportunity to work with me to provide a dynamic retreat for your youth so that when I leave, your adult volunteers can continue the spiritual work we started together on retreat in your regular youth meetings throughout the year. With proper planning and training we will work together to prevent a “retreat high” experience for your youth and instead offer them the opportunity to deepen their faith by reinforcing their spiritual foundation which can be continually built upon rather than a one time “mountain top” experience. Every retreat is tailored specifically for the needs of your youth based upon what areas you feel are most important to address.