“Gary led our high school juniors and seniors on our annual trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. We have done this event a number of years and it can be challenging to have high school students on overnight events. Having chaperoned this event several times, I immediately noticed something different under Gary’s leadership.”

“Gary is a natural teacher. He relates to the students well and anticipates opportunities to teach students about what it means to live out a Christ centered life throughout each day of their life whether in a crowd on the Mall or in the McDonalds along I-95. Our trip transformed from an “event” to a “pilgrimage.” The students and chaperones all had a wonderful pilgrimage. It was very well organized, and Gary made sure to “mix things up a bit” so that our students were engaged and had fun along the way. I would strongly recommend Gary for any travel and high school pilgrimage opportunities.”

Thomas Provost Bishop
England High School, Charleston, SC

“Gary is a speaker who is quick on his feet, one who delivers with great conviction the truth of the Gospel and one who uses very interesting, personal stories to get his major points across. Youth will be blest to hear him.”

Bill Marcotte
Chairman, Youth Arise International

“Pope Paul VI famously wrote, ‘Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses’ (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 41). I was immediately struck by the personal authenticity of Gary. His humble disposition lacks any form of pretentiousness. He is a living example of Whom he proclaims. I believe this equips Gary to reach others for Christ effectively.His wealth of experience and knowledge seem to more than qualify Gary to reach the hearts and minds of the youth he encounters either individually or in a group setting.”

Carson Weber
Associate Director for New Media Evangelization, Diocese of Sacramento

“I’ve known and worked with Gary for over 15 years in various capacities. Whether he’s ministering to large crowds of people at college campuses and parish youth retreats or simply taking the time to talk to a waitress who seems to be having a difficult day at a restaurant, Gary always finds a way to communicate the undying love of God to others. His creativity, compassion, and transparency are inspiring. Working with Gary you will not only find a fellow “laborer in the vineyard,” but a true friend who wants to walk with everyone he meets on their journey closer to God”

Michael John Poirier
Catholic recording artist and Lay Evangelist Holy Family Now Ministries

“In my interactions with Gary Foote, he impresses me as a caring and personable young man who loves the Church, understands its’ teachings well and knows how to share them effectively with others, especially the youth.  His ongoing pursuit for seeking, refining and trying new ways of communicating the Gospel in different venues demonstrates his tireless commitment to optimizing his ability reach others with God’s salvific message and love.  He has consistently demonstrated a tireless commitment to utilizing his experience and many gifts to share with others an orthodox understanding of the Roman Catholic tradition with energy and creativity.  I am confident that Gary would be capable, evangelizing presence on any team seeking to spread the Good News in their community.”

Father David Morrier TOR
Franciscan University of Steubenville

“Gary’s ability to articulate the faith in a way that teens can understand and apply to their every day life is extraordinary.  In addition, he has a broad knowledge, understanding, and varied experience in the field of youth ministry culminating from his past years in serving the Church.  Even more so, His commitment to Christ is unwavering and certainly make him a beacon of light to all those that encounter him.”

Dorothy Polchinski
Associate Director for Young Adult Ministry
Associate Director for Adult Ministry
Archdiocese of Atlanta

“Gary Foote has been an instrumental part of the creation of an up and coming youth ministry program at my parish. Gary introduced me to youth ministry in 2005 where I had the opportunity to minister side-by-side with him. The ministry position was indeed very challenging as it needed to be developed from nothing. This is where Gary “kicked it into 4-wheel”. Immediately, Gary visited the parish & even sat in on a couple of introductory meetings with me to understand how the ministry might develop. Once he was able to process this information, he provided me with the proper resources to create a new ministry experience at this parish. Once the regular youth nights began, they were a combination of what I was familiar with and an evolution into something new. Gary was able to navigate that with me and provide me with concrete resources to grow the ministry.”

“Today, Gary continues to encourage me in my ministry and provide spiritual and professional support. Gary Foote is working hard in continuing to reinforce a bridge between youth, their leaders and Christ.”

Mike Sammut
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Beaufort, SC

“Over my 20 years working as a pastoral musician I have worked with many youth ministers. I am blessed to travel throughout the United States giving concerts and leading worship. No matter the time or decade, I see that the needs of our youth do not change, but the skill sets required to meet those needs always must be up to date. There are many good hearted youth ministers in our church who want to help young people grow in their relationship with God, but lack the experience and training to be effective. Gary has a great understanding of youth and ministry. His education and theological formation have prepared him well to educate and inspire our youth in the New Evangelization. I have worked alongside Gary at various events and he not only evangelizes the youth, but his enthusiasm quickly spreads and has helped me in my relationship with God. Most importantly, he is a husband, a father and I am proud to call him friend and brother.”

Aaron Thompson
Catholic Recording Artist